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Happy Tax Day!

Weather 35, clear with a few light flurries, moist pavement






Pew Pew

Crabby PO



Wapner QIC


Abe Vigodas IC x10

MNCs IC x20

Annie IC x10 each arm

Shoulder pretzels IC x20

Grass pickers IC x15

Tempo squats IC x15

Willie Mays Hayes


Mosey to Happy Place


One partner:

Merkins x10, Squats x20, LBCs x30, SSHs x40

Other partner:

Lap around playground w/ 4 burpees at finish

R&R x5 (w/ partners total 1040 reps)

Slowsy to sh!tter

1065 – 10 WWI sit-ups, 65 mountain climbers

1041 – 10 derkins, 41 air presses

1120 – 11 jump lunges, 20 jump squats

990 – 9 big boy sit-ups, 90 flutter kicks

Rings of fire

Merkins x10 and planks

Monkey humpers x10 and ankle holds

Squats x10 and Al Gore

Mosey to flag


Slow down cadence:

Hello Dolly IC x10

Freddie Mercury IC x10

Gas pumps IC x10



One of the best days of the year for YHC as another tax season comes to a close. Celebrated the various form numbers with exercises to each number. Piper established in warmup that he needed to leave early so as to not be confused with a walk of shame. Announcement of the 1040 workout gave Jay-Z ‘Nam-esque flashbacks. Mumblechatter was light – not sure if PAX were smoked early or if cold temperature stifled conversation. YHC definitely smoked as I try to get back into shape from the time off.


Fit for a Zoo

7 PAX posted in the gloom for a wild and wet animal themed workout.  51 and raining

IM, Jay-Z, Maestro, Crabby PO, Wapner, Piper, Popeye

Maestro Lap
Hand Release Merkins x 10 IC
Hip Rotations x10 Forward and Back each leg
Hand Release Merkins x 10 IC
Tempo Squats x 20 IC
Hand Release Merkins x 10 IC

Lunging Indian Walk down the hill to the stop sign
Mosey to tennis courts

5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Bear Crawl across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Crab Walk across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Duck Walk across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Inch Worm across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Frog Jumps across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Monkey Walk across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Lizard Crawl across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts

Mosey to stairs:
1x Stair Suicide

Mosey to Flag

Hurricane Hoedown – 7 hallelejuha flutter kicks IC, 7 reclined flutter kicks IC, 7 regular flutter kicks IC, 7 crunched flutter kicks IC, R&R with 6 reps
Freddie Mercury x 20
Box Cutters x 15

It was a wet one with no one thrilled about the early hand release merkins.  Complaints about unnecessary lines in the suicide were noted and ignored.  It was discovered that Piper has been working on his Bearcrawls at home.  We all need to step up our game.  1.8 miles total on the day with ~1 mile worth of suicides.  Prayed the rain would stop so some farmers could finish harvesting before planting this years crop.

The Hill

Pain Circle

Tuesday, April 9th

17 PAX posted for a beautiful 50 degrees leg workout.


Warm Up:

Swing legs

Slow Squats

Runners position to stretch calves

Motivator from 10

Mosey to basketball court

The Thang: Pacle (Pain Circle)

Snake the stairs

Climate change: Al Gore Jump Bomb

Howling Monkeys 2x 🙂 

Jump squats

Indian Lunge

Suzanne Somers


Heel touches

American hammer


Low Dolly 

Gas Pump 


If you like leg workouts today was the day for you. It was a beautiful morning to spend with y’all workin the lower body. Always good to get out and destroy the part of the body we all try to avoid in workouts. TClaps to IM for making the trip down from Blackcat. Love the mumble chatter at the beginning at the workout but for some reason it stopped pretty soon after we circled up. Great morning men. Don’t sit down too much today.  Welcome FNG Groupie.  


I can’t quit you!

6 PAX posted in the warm (relatively) gloom for an ab heavy beat down.  36F and dry.

IM, Piper, Crabby PO, PewPew, Daisy, Jay-Z

Long Maestro Lap
Dynamic Stretching Exercises-
10 hip rotations forward and back each leg
10 Iron Crosses each leg
10 scorpions each leg
10 walking lunges each leg
10 Zombie walks each leg

Bruce Lee: 25 x LBC’s, 25 x Leg Lifts, 25 x Heel Touches, 25 x American Hammers, 25 x Crunchy Frogs, 100 x 100’s

Mosey to hill by caboose

Ab Back Mountain 1, 2, 3’s
Partner Up – 1 PAX runs backwards up hill and forwards down 4 times.  Other PAX does exercise.  Flip flop until total rep count reaches target.
100 Big Boys
200 LBC’s
300 Flutter Kicks each leg

2 x Crawlbears up hill

Slowesy to swings
Alternate 10 swing tysons while partner holds Al Gore.  Flip Flop. R&R

Mosey to Flag

10 x Weird hip rotation merkin plank thingies (They were hard)
15 x Box Cutters

Static leg and arm stretching to finish

Mumble: PAX started the complaints early with the Bruce Lee.  Things got tougher on the Ab Back Mountain.  Kept mary short as we had already worked the ab’s thoroughly.  Static stretching at the end was nice and appreciated.


Little Bit of Everything!

6 PAX Posted for Burpees and Yoga today.





T-Bone . . . er

QIC Maestro

29 degrees under a calm starry morning.


LBACs x10 (or 11) IC both directions

Merkins x5 IC

Shoulder Pretzels x15 IC

Werkins x5

Wall Stretches x3

Burpees x6 OYO

Mosey to the HP

Glute Stretches

Motivator from 6 (lots of 6s today)

Mosey to the Main Shelter


Four Corners Ladder

First round: 6 Burpees, 12 Big Boys, 18 Mountain Climbers, 24 Squats

Second round: 6 Burpees, 12 Merkins, 18 Freddie Mercury’s, 24 Lunges (12 x2)

Saunter to the Fire Pit

Time for Yoga

Down Dog to Up Dog

Sun Salutation to Crescent

Crescent back to standing

Repeat with other leg

Repeat extended to Airplane and Warrior 1

Mosey to MOM


LBCs x10 IC

Tempo LBCs x10 IC

Captain Thors to 5



F3 BlackCat welcomes new PAX, T-Bone (er).



Welcome T-Bone to F3 BlackCat. Glad you’re with us.

YHC dealing with an extreme head cold and tired body this morning. Made it through with a modified Motivator. Decided to shorten it due to time, but don’t worry, promises to elevate the motivator to new levels will be fulfilled. Just waiting for certain PAX to post again so that all may share in the fun.


Catch Me If You Can!

Four PAX posted for a deceptively tough workout.  34F and dark.

IM, Wapner, Piper, Crabby PO

Shoulder Pretzels x 10, front and behind shoulders
Windmills x 10
Leg Stretches
Arm Stretches
Big Arm Circles x 10 forward and back

Mosey to happy place

Ascending Testicles, 20 second hold at each position

Catch Me if You Can – 1 Partner runs backwards while 2nd partner does 5 burpees.  2nd Partner then catches first partner.  Flip Flop.  Repeat until 44 burpees complete by each PAX.

Wall Sit x 2 minutes
Stetch Legs
Wall Sit single leg x 40 seconds each leg

Lieutenant Dan – 1 squat, 2 lunges upto 10 squats 20 lunges

Mosey to flag
Flutter kicks x 25
LBC’s x 25
Pickle Pointers x 20
Plank 30 seconds

It was nice having Wapner back but missed all the other fart sackers.  Catch Me If You Can sounds easy but we all came to the same conclusion independently that it sucks.


I Feel Motivated

26 or there about, almost no breeze.

7 PAX: PewPew, Jay-Z, CrabbyPO, IM, Piper, Popeye, QIC Maestro.


MNCs IC x15

Front Arm Stretching

Merkins IC x5

Nipple Tweakers IC x15

Cherry Pickers IC x15

Back arm Stretching

Werkins IC x5

Mosey via Indian Run with 6 Burpees

HP for a “Meastro Returns” Motivator from TEN

6 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the shelter for the


Stair laps: x4

Bottom – Mike Tysons x6

Top – Burpees x6

Rinse and repeat with Decline Merkins and Dips x6

Mosey back to the HP

Tried a new set for the arms:

Plank 30 sec merkins to a

DownDog 15 sec and 1/2 Plank 15 sec

Merkin to

DownDog 15 sec and 6 inch Plank 15 sec

Merkin to

DownDog 15 sec and Plank for 30 sec

Rinse and repeat with Wide Hands

Mosey to the Flag for


Captain Thor to 5

V-sit hold

Crunchy Frog IC x10

V-sit hold

V-sit Freddie Mercury

And Recover.


Privileged to Q again. Had fun and learned a lot trying something new. Hopeful to be able to complete it with Diamond hands next time. We will see. Didn’t take long to forget about the Motivator today, maybe I’ll add one to it every time I Q. See how long it takes before I’m banned from leading. Have a great week leading up to the tourney. Should be fun to see Purdue represent the great state of Indiana. We’ll have to do something with the total points that Purdue scores during the entire tourney some day.



38 degrees and soggy

Jay z crabypo pew pew Bambi IM Piper Maestro Smell good and humdinger Q

Warm up

Meastro lap

Arm oyo legs oyo

Grass pickers IQ


Mosey to happy place


Motivator from 7, squat jumps 10, LBC X25, Lap around the petting zoo, 10 burpees


Merkins IC x15, ring of fire al gore with 10 reps, flutter kicks x25, lap from happy place to shelters to bathrooms, 10 burpees box jumps x15


Spread merkins x15, leg blaster, 10 big boys, lap around petting zoo, 10 burpees

Box jumps x 15 and 60 second rocky balboas


Heels to heaven




We had an early exit from smell good with some back issues. He referenced the walk of shame that certain universities might have something similar. The warmer weather helped the extra conditioning thrown in for the workout. Thanks to jay-z for the reminder Thursday night to mix in the burpee requirement for Friday’s workout. Special reminder for gasman’s family in their loss


Presidential Fitness Test

5 PAX posted in the B-e-a-utiful 31F gloom to participate in a Presidential Fitness Test themed workout.

IM, Piper, Daisy, Popeye, Bambi

Arm Circles x15 forwards and backwards
10 x Tempo Squats
10 x Tempo Merkins

Mosey the long way to the Happy Place


First up was the 1 mile run (.95 miles according to watch) 4 Laps around the animals rounding the Tip of the happy place each lap.  All finished within 8:15.

5 rounds of:
5 Pullups or 15 Merkins
10 Modified Sit and Reach (V-Up situps)
5 Standing Broad Jumps
10 Big Boys
Shuttle Run – Sprint ~50 yds

Slowesy back to flag

16 x Burpees for the 8th day of March

25 x LBC’s
10 x Windshield Wipers
15 x Pickle Pointers
Plank 1 min
Side Plank each side 30 seconds
Plank 30 seconds

It was decided that its definitely getting hard to do all the burpees straight.  60 on the last day is going to be rough.  Prayers went out to those sick or having medical issues.  Praying for speedy recovery for all.

The Hill

Stretch the legs ruck

Weather: ~39 degrees, light breeze

Pax: Maize, Cornwallis, Pillows, Tulip, Thin Mint, IM, Brickyard, Zamboni, Bailout, Nomad

Disclaimer: Not a professional; F3, Northview, Nomad not responsible; modify as necessary

The Thang: Ruck the Northview 5K track, stopping about every 1/3 mile for alternating merkins and squats. Start at the cars, cross the parking lot past the out buildings to the start of the track. Thanks to Maize for helping Q figure out I didn’t need the map I printed online since the 5K track is marked. Ruck down to drive crossing off Hazel Del; 10 merkins. Ruck to the track turn by Main; 10 squats. Ruck back to drive crossing; 10 merkins. Ruck down through the woods; ground was pretty sloppy. Out of the woods, bypassing the frozen flooded area; 10 squats. Thanks to Brickyard for the feedback on how confusing Q was making the start of the exercise. Ruck down to the baseball field and back up along the drive (Q implemented feedback which seemed to help); 10 merkins at the crossing. Ruck through the trees back to the turn by Main; 10 more merkins (I think – lost track) and back to cars.



Weather was near perfect for this mid-February ruck. Enjoyed the Northview CX track for a variety in terrain and elevation. Q really appreciated the support from all the PAX who helped work through all the rookie mistakes. Glad to have Bailout join us from out of town. Great conversation that covered a variety of topics too numerous to mention.

Thanks to all for sharing a great ruck this morning!