Johnny Mnemonic

28 degrees cold and windy at the hill. 6 PAX posted from only 3 cars. New world record. Headlock Knee High, Logger, Marshall, State, and Wolverine.


Invisible Jump Ropes: 20 x 3 in Cadence

Tex Rex Taps: 20 x 3 in Cadence

Side Straddle Hops: 20 in Cadence

On your invisible ropes again: 20 x 3 in Cadence



Johnny Mnemonic

Q has a hard time remembering OYO exercises so he made up a mnemonic to remember this one. It’s kind of a Death Star Lite. On the basketball court, start in the center ring (middle). Move out to an edge, then back to the middle, then rotate. Exercises at each station:

Mericans in the Middle: 10

Burpees in the Back: 5

Climbers in the corners (Mountain Climbers): 20

Get out of the fart sack (jump squats at the sidelines): 10

Finish when you complete the circuit. High plan ’til everybody’s done


Fatty McGee’s Stairs

Being a fan of Adam Sandler in the 90’s, this one is dedicated to the beloved Fatty McGee character, who insisted on taking the stairs even though it made him hyperventilate.

Bear crawl up the stairs

Pull ups on the rails

Decline Mericans at the top of the stairs

Red Headed Step Mericans at the bottom (inclines)



For my 3rd Q, I wanted to incorporate a little more of my Title Boxing days, so added the invisible jump rope and the T-Rex taps (jab punches).

Clubber Lang

8 PAX posted to shadowbox in the sleet

Cross leg standing stretches
Grass Pickers x15
Tricep Stretches
Sidestraddle Hops x20

Mosey to Bridge

  • Shadow Boxing:
  • Jab: x30
  • Jab Cross: x30
  • Jab Cross Hook: x30
  • Jab Cross Hook Body Blow: x30
  • Jab: x40
  • Jab Cross Hook Body Blow: x50


  • Squats x20
  • LBCs x20
  • Carrot sit ups x20
  • Lunges x20
  • Chuck Norris ‘Mericans: As many as you can do in one minute (How many mericans can Chuck Norris do? All of them.)

It was fun to get back into boxing. Morning was cold with some iced rain.

Frozen Corners

10 PAX posted for a frozen Q at 23 degrees

-Calf Stretches R/L L/R x2
-Grass Pickers x15
-Tricep Pretzels x15
-Motivator from 8

-1st Corner 10 Burpees
-2nd Corner 10 Burpees + 20 Groiners
-3rd Corner 10 Burpees + 20 Groiners + 30 Lunges per leg
-4th Corner 10 Burpees + 20 Groiners + 30 Lunges per leg + 40 Squats

Mozy to Bridge
-Mike Tyson Merkins x10 x8

Mozy to Hill
-Seal Merkins x5 start decline, horizontal, incline, horizontal
-Square Merking x5 start decline, horizontal, incline, horizontal

Mozy to Parking
-LBC x30
-LBC feet stay on the ground x30
-LBC feet crunch with head stationary x30
-Low Dolly x30

Post Stretch

It was extra crispy out this a.m. with minimal chatter. Basic Q for a last minute beatdown.


8 men posted in the gloom for a ruck and to spend a lot of time under tension.

Coming off a long break from F3 (thanks to the addition of our baby Caroline, as well as Spartan training and recovery), I was excited to jump right into things from the beginning of the workout.


Warm up


SLO Mo Joe – slowly squat, come up and calf raise with hands stretching to the ground and to the sky

Frog jumps



The Thang

I figured since the M had to deal with contractions during labor, we would partner up and experience contracting different muscles. One PAX would hold their muscles taught as the other did a number of reps and then they switched.


Low Plank:25 Mountain Climbers


Al Gore:30 Air Squats


Calves on the curb:50 SSHs


Low dip:20 Dips


Pull up 90:10 Burpees


Balls to the wall:10 Pike Merkins


Burpee Run

Follow the leader style, each time you stop +1 burpee

10 Burpee > bench jumps aka Man Makers


Circle of pain

Mucho chesto






Alternating V Ups

Low Dolly

The lie down tip toe (knees bent alt leg down up)



Thanks for everyone who made it out! It feels good to be back. Special shout out to Swayzee for bringing an FNG (Stan) and to Stan himself for surviving a tough introduction to F3. We were thankful for Knee High and the #kneehighjokebreak that has come to replace the 10-count. If you haven’t made it out for coffeeteria since Brickyard started working at Starbucks, you are missing out on some key insights! You can ask Jaye (our go to Starbucks barista), but she might not give you good advice if you aren’t wearing F3 gear!


Until next time,


BlackCat First Anniversary

Weather 70 and clear



Gas Man 

Cubby Blue




Brickyard (R)

Cosmo (R)



Knee High

Zonkey *

Crabby PO QIC

Maestro QIC



Wapner QIC


Warmup (Wapner):

Shoulder pretzels IC x20

Sprinkler IC x15

Jingle balls IC x10

Grass pickers IC x15

Leg stretches

Motivator from 10


Mosey to tennis courts (IM)

Squat jump holds 10 to 1


Mosey to stairs (Maestro)

Stairway to 7 

Mosey to Happy Place (Jay-Z)

Leg blasters

Crowd pleaser pyramid to 5

Leg blasters

Dirty hook ups IC x15

Mosey to flag

Mary (Crabby PO):

Absolutions x8

Flutter kicks IC x20

LBCs IC x20

Pickle pounders IC x10

Laney Lu x1



Wapner reporting for 5 BlackCat OGs that shared the Q for today’s first anniversary workout. Clown car from Indy arrived with 5 PAX in plenty of time to get some early stretching in. It was definitely needed. Turns out when 5 men share the Q it becomes exponentially harder as you go. Reps on all exercises were taken to the max, whereas one Q may have only maxed out one or two of them. Motivator from 10 set legs on fire, squat jump holds, stairs, leg blasters, flutter kicks, etc kept it going. YHC still waiting for the fire to go out. Too much good mumblechatter to even start getting it all down here. Fun to work through even a beat down like this one with so many other guys out there. Thanks to Zonkey and his M for the water, juice boxes, fruit, and corn muffins at the end of the workout. 

It’s been an honor to be part of this group for the past year, and it’s been really exciting to see the word get out and have new members of the group recently. That success is only temporary though, and we need to get out there with renewed effort and double down on the EHing to keep accelerating. Read Freed to Lead (I have a copy you can borrow or better yet go buy it on amazon), listen to F3Nation 43 feet podcast, continue posting and get involved in the upcoming 2nd Fs, get the word out to your friends, family, co-workers, church members, social media, and anyone else you come into contact with. Many more men in Frankfort need to hear about F3 and shake their lives up. We can make this a better place with stronger male leaders in their families and community! Aye!

Slow Dance

Weather: 68 degrees & with some rain towards the end


  • Marshall
  • High Knee
  • Cosmo
  • Woodchuck
  • Headlock
  • Khaki
  • Cornwallis
  • Logger


  • We’re not professionals.
  • We don’t know your fitness level.
  • F3/North View Church isn’t liable.
  • Dangerous ground.
  • Modify.


  • 30 – SSH
  • 10 – Kick w/twist
  • 10 – Abe Vigoda
  • 30 – Seal jacks
  • 10 – Week Pickers

Thang: The main idea was each item was done slow and full range of motion.


  • 15 – Mericans
  • 20 – Squats
  • 20 – Lateral & Ventral Raises
  • 20 – Lunges
  • 10 – Burpees


  • 20 – Dirty Hook up

Mosey to other side of barn

  • 20 – Dips
  • 20 each – Wall Sit w/
    • Overhand Clap
    • Cherry Pickers
    • Moroccan Night Club

Mosey to other side of Barn

  • 20 – Dirty Hook up


  • 15 – Mericans
  • 20 – Squats
  • 20 – Lateral & Ventral Raises
  • 20 – Lunges
  • 10 – Burpees


  • 20 – Csit Gas Pumps
  • 20 – Csit Crunchy Frogs
  • 20 – Csit Flutter Kicks
  • 20 – LBC
  • 20 – Leg Raises
  • 20 – Heel Touches

Recover Recover


The rain held off for the most part and when it came it felt great. Consensus was that there is more pain with the slow. Anytime Q slowed the cadence, moaning and mubble chatter picked up.

Thanks Men!

Jam, Crust, Apricot

Weather: 71 degrees & steamy


  • Marshall
  • Knee High
  • Ringo
  • Samsonite
  • Zamboni
  • Brickyard
  • ColdCall
  • Logger


  • We’re not professionals.
  • We don’t know your fitness level.
  • F3/North View Church isn’t liable.
  • Dangerous ground.
  • Modify.


  • 20 – SSH
  • 10 – Walkout w/ reach
  • 10 – Kick w/twist
  • 10 – Abe Vigoda
  • 20 – Seal jacks
  • 10 – Week Pickers


Mosey to get Knee High and Ringo some rocks

  • 10 each leg – Elevated Lunge w/ weight
  • 20 – Weighted Dips

Mosey to Fishbowl

  • 10 – Weighted Rows
  • 10 – Crab Bridge Lift – (need a name)
  • 10 – Weighted Pull ups

Short Mosey Grass area for some “Kickboxing”. Each round lasted until Q needed a shoulder break. Held bricks for some weight.

  • Jab, Cross
  • Jab, Cross, Uppercut, Uppercut
  • Jab, Cross, Hook, Hook
  • Jab, Cross, Front Kick, Front Kick
  • Jab, Cross, Round house, Round house

Mosey to drop of bricks and line up in the parking lot.

  • Bunny Hop (Broad Jump and Burpee) – from one end of parking lot to the other.


  • 10 – Bridge w/ leg raise
  • 10 – Plank w/ lateral & ventral raises
  • 20 – Heal touches
  • 20 – Gas Pumpers
  • 20 – LBC
  • 20 – Heals to Heaven

Recover Recover


Good morning spent with good men. Thankful for Menards sale on bricks yesterday, they came in handy. Q was working on breathing while brickyard determined if he was saying “Jab, Cross, Uppercut” or “Jam, Crust, Apricot”. The Bunny Hop started out looking really intimidating on one side of the lot but perseverance won out. Only issue today was circling up – it was more of a squiggly circle with a lump on it. But no worries, we aren’t known for our geometry, just our discipline to be there in the morning and put our best in.

Thanks Men!