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3rd F Thought for the day.

Here is a thought for the day: listening to a series of sermons from Alistair Begg about David vs Goliath, the comment from David that caught my attention the most so far was this, in response to Goliath’s first threat to give David’s flesh to the beast and the birds. David said, “You come to me with a sword and with a spear and with a javelin, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. 46 This day the Lord will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you down and cut off your head. And I will give the dead bodies of the host of the Philistines this day to the birds of the air and to the wild beasts of the earth, that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel, 47 and that all this assembly may know that the Lord saves not with sword and spear. For the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give you into our hand. They say that David was no more than 16 years old. To say “the lord will deliver you into my hand and I will CUT OFF YOUR HEAD. . .” Two things struck me. 1. David, with the balls to go head to head with Goliath with the “trash talk,” and 2 the faith that he had that Goliath had to be put down not for the sake of the Israelites but for the sake of God. It was GOD that David was defending not himself. And the fortitude to stand up to the world knowing who is God was is amazing coming from a teenager. It was a “no-brainer” for David to do what he did for the sake of not letting foolish people defile his God.

I hope that we are able to pass our values to our children in a way that has them so deeply rooted in who they are and who the belong to.


Cell Block 9

Weather 66 and clear





Crabby PO


Pew Pew



Wapner QIC


Abe Vigodas IC x10

Shoulder pretzels IC x20

Arm stretches and wall stretch

Willie Mays Hayes


Tempo squats IC x10

Prisoner Indian run

Stop at Happy Place

La La Leggy


Farmer carry two blocks to stations about 30 yards apart for Block curls and Block merkins 10:1 to 1:10

Run back and forth across parking lot for Skull crushers and squats 10:1 to 1:10

Block Mary (hold a block, if you can):

Wall sit

Block presses IC x10

Flutter kicks IC x30

Hello Dolly IC x15

LBCs IC x25



Rebound workout from 5 PAX on Wednesday to 9 today. PAX must love a good block party (other than Oompa Loompa who was reported to be afraid of the block). Announced name of the workout as Cell Block 9, but after a few parts was suggested it should be The Blame Game due to Humdinger blamed for Prisoner Indian run, Crabby blamed for La La Leggy, and Jay-Z blamed for farmer carries…. as long as it’s not YHC to blame that’s fine. Plenty of moaning and complaining during farmer carries and that should continue through the day and into tomorrow with soreness in the forearms. Running for the second part of the block party was a welcomed relief. Wall sit until Q got tired conjured flashbacks to Burpo in APC back in our Hot Dog days. Humdinger commented that those coaching days are gone now that all the kids are snowflakes. Use the weekend to turn up the EH and let’s keep the momentum going into next week! Aye!


The Murph

Weather 59, calm



Pew Pew







Crabby PO

Wapner QIC


Arm stretches

Leg stretches

Grass pickers IC x20

Shoulder pretzels IC x20


The Murph

2 miles – 6 laps around 1/3 mile course

100 pullups

200 merkins

300 squats


COR, Moment of Silence, COT


Joined brothers nationwide to honor Lt. Michael Murphy and all of our other fallen American heroes. PAX employed several strategies for breaking down the running and exercises. All were difficult but looked like straight through (mile, exercises, mile) was the hardest. Imagine doing that with a 20 lb. weight vest and in the sandbox in Afghanistan. The pullups were modified many different ways – t-claps to Piper for completing all pullups with no modifications. We had a visit from Gas Man on patrol but missed out on seeing him put down about 3 full plates of food at coffeeteria. Great to have double digit PAX again and let’s keep accelerating. Last year for the Murph we had 5 and this year 10. Let’s double our number again for next year. Get out there and EH! GIA!


I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone

9 PAX posted just in time to get soaked in the 65F gloom.
IM, Piper, Wapner, Crappy PO, Jay-Z, Pew Pew, Popeye, Bambi, Maestro

Maestro Lap
Leg stretch
Tempo Squats x 10
LBAC’s forward/reverse x 10
Tempo Merkins x 10
Mosey to Happy Place

Partner Merkin Claps x20
Partner Squat Jump Claps x 20
Partner Lateral Squats x 10 each direction
Partner Side Plank with Rotation and Clap x 10 each side
Wheelbarrow merkin/deadlift x 10

Mosey to porch swing
Split into 4 groups.  2 run one way around playground, 2 the other way.  Whenever you pass a group going opposite direction perform 5x walking lunges each leg.  When you return to porch swing perform 10x partner swing tysons.  Repeat 4 laps.

Lazy Dora 1-2-3 – 100 Merkins/Plank, 200 LBC’s/Straight Leg holds, 300 Squats/Al Gore

Mosey to flag

Mary:  Hurricane Hoedown x7 through x5

Good morning for good comments that will not be written down here.  Getting soaked to start the workout made the morning a bit damp.  glad the rain passed quickly.  Somehow mosquitos ate several guys alive.  Invest in bug spray!


Rocky Mts, be a little rockier than this

An cool 51 degrees this morning for 9 pax posting.

Maestro Jay-z Crabby Po Wapner IM Piper Popeye Daisy Q- Humdinger


Arm and leg stretches oyo, grass pickers IC, arm circles IC 20x, Motivator 7


Mosey to happy place for a leg blaster

Mosey to the hill (by train car) and begin the Burp Back Mountain. 100 burpees combined from each partner group. 1 partner burpees while the other runs down the hill and backpedals up 4x

Mosey to the main shelter: ring of fire- monkey humpers 10x, Merkin-plank

Mosey to happy place to begin the Caterpillar. 2 lines with both groups facing each other. Low plank position 2-3 ft away from the other. Last person box jumps and then planks. — Indian run style. Final exercise at happy place was happy jacks 4x

Prisoner Indian Run to the flag- with a small detour first


Big boy sit-ups while touching the ground on each side of your feet. 9x

Leg circles 10x each direction.

Flutter kicks IC 20x


Solid morning temperatures almost brought out double digits. One solution was to possibly never put burp back mountain in the PB: Noted. There was possible talk of renaming monkey humpers to wapners during the ring of fire. The caterpillar was not well liked as I forgot my phone at the starting line and I wasn’t just going to “walk” back for it. Adding the new prisoner Indian run seemed like it was well hated by all= a good burn. Overall a good workout today.


I only borrowed it…They can have it back!

5 PAX posted on Wednesday 4/24/19.  Temperature was a manageable 43 degrees.

Piper, Jay-Z, Popeye, Daisy, CrabbyPO (QIC)

Warm Up

Arm / Leg stretch
Moroccan Night Club x 15
Grass Pickers x 15
Hand release Merkins x 10


Mile loop around the AO (the park) with exercises spaced out every .2 tenths of a mile.  First lap exercises were Merkins x 100, Squats x 100, Big Boy’s x 100, Alternating Shoulder Taps x 100, and SSH x 100.  Lap Two exercises were LBC’s x 100, Lunges x 100, Flutter Kicks x 100, Incline Merkins x 100, and Mountain Climbers x 100.  (Pax did not complete the Incline Merkins and Mountain Climbers due to time constraints.)


No time for Mary.



A little light in the PAX and heavy on the fart sack this morning.  But the 5 who posted were mostly good sports about trying out YHC’s new to us workout.  YHC spent some time on twitter this week and came across this workout out of the F3 Louisville area that sounded like it would be good.  PAX gave it a go this morning and it proved challenging and the mumble chatter started off early when it was announced that each exercise came with 100 reps.  Ended up running short on time and YHC called it good after 8 of the 10 exercises.  We still managed approx 1.7 miles.  This workout will resurface again soon, with some modifications so that we can fit it into the 45 minute time frame.


Feel the Burn

8 PAX posted in the perfect gloom to catch their muscles on fire.  50F and beautiful.

Plank walkouts with merkin x 5
Sprinklers x 10
Iron Cross x 5 each side
Scorpion x 5 each side
Butterfly stretch
Lunge walk x 5 each leg
Imperial Walkers x 5 each leg
Mosey to happy place with High Knees, Buttkickers, Frolicks

Thang: Random Mix of Pain
Arm Circles x 20 forward/reverse, Seal Claps x 25, Overhead Claps x 25, Roof Raises x 10 all IC
Jump Squat Holds from 10
Decline Planks – Start on bench, move to table top, 5 merkins, back to bench 5 more merkins
Jump Squat Holds from 7
5 Incline Merkins/5 Dips, 10 Incline Merkins/10 Dips, 5 Incline Merkins/5 Dips, 15 Incline Merkins/15 Dips, 5 Incline Merkins/5 Dips
Leg Blaster
Mosey to recover
5 Tempo Merkins, 5 Tempo Werkins, 5 Tempo Diamond Merkins
LBC’s x 55 IC
Leg Blaster
Decline Planks – Start on table top, 5 merkins,move to bench 5 more merkins, holding in between
Jump Squat holds from 5
Slowesy to monkey bars
Pull-Ups or Merkins to exhaustion
Mowesy the long way to flag
90 second Wall sit, last 30 seconds as low as can be.

Gas Pumps x 20
Box Cutters x 20
Flutter Kicks x 20
Plank and Side Planks

Beautiful morning for a workout.  With Wapner and myself being out for the rest of the week, hopefully some kotters will make an appearance to fill in the ranks.


Fit for a Zoo

7 PAX posted in the gloom for a wild and wet animal themed workout.  51 and raining

IM, Jay-Z, Maestro, Crabby PO, Wapner, Piper, Popeye

Maestro Lap
Hand Release Merkins x 10 IC
Hip Rotations x10 Forward and Back each leg
Hand Release Merkins x 10 IC
Tempo Squats x 20 IC
Hand Release Merkins x 10 IC

Lunging Indian Walk down the hill to the stop sign
Mosey to tennis courts

5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Bear Crawl across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Crab Walk across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Duck Walk across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Inch Worm across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Frog Jumps across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Monkey Walk across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Lizard Crawl across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts

Mosey to stairs:
1x Stair Suicide

Mosey to Flag

Hurricane Hoedown – 7 hallelejuha flutter kicks IC, 7 reclined flutter kicks IC, 7 regular flutter kicks IC, 7 crunched flutter kicks IC, R&R with 6 reps
Freddie Mercury x 20
Box Cutters x 15

It was a wet one with no one thrilled about the early hand release merkins.  Complaints about unnecessary lines in the suicide were noted and ignored.  It was discovered that Piper has been working on his Bearcrawls at home.  We all need to step up our game.  1.8 miles total on the day with ~1 mile worth of suicides.  Prayed the rain would stop so some farmers could finish harvesting before planting this years crop.


I Feel Motivated

26 or there about, almost no breeze.

7 PAX: PewPew, Jay-Z, CrabbyPO, IM, Piper, Popeye, QIC Maestro.


MNCs IC x15

Front Arm Stretching

Merkins IC x5

Nipple Tweakers IC x15

Cherry Pickers IC x15

Back arm Stretching

Werkins IC x5

Mosey via Indian Run with 6 Burpees

HP for a “Meastro Returns” Motivator from TEN

6 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the shelter for the


Stair laps: x4

Bottom – Mike Tysons x6

Top – Burpees x6

Rinse and repeat with Decline Merkins and Dips x6

Mosey back to the HP

Tried a new set for the arms:

Plank 30 sec merkins to a

DownDog 15 sec and 1/2 Plank 15 sec

Merkin to

DownDog 15 sec and 6 inch Plank 15 sec

Merkin to

DownDog 15 sec and Plank for 30 sec

Rinse and repeat with Wide Hands

Mosey to the Flag for


Captain Thor to 5

V-sit hold

Crunchy Frog IC x10

V-sit hold

V-sit Freddie Mercury

And Recover.


Privileged to Q again. Had fun and learned a lot trying something new. Hopeful to be able to complete it with Diamond hands next time. We will see. Didn’t take long to forget about the Motivator today, maybe I’ll add one to it every time I Q. See how long it takes before I’m banned from leading. Have a great week leading up to the tourney. Should be fun to see Purdue represent the great state of Indiana. We’ll have to do something with the total points that Purdue scores during the entire tourney some day.


Presidential Fitness Test

5 PAX posted in the B-e-a-utiful 31F gloom to participate in a Presidential Fitness Test themed workout.

IM, Piper, Daisy, Popeye, Bambi

Arm Circles x15 forwards and backwards
10 x Tempo Squats
10 x Tempo Merkins

Mosey the long way to the Happy Place


First up was the 1 mile run (.95 miles according to watch) 4 Laps around the animals rounding the Tip of the happy place each lap.  All finished within 8:15.

5 rounds of:
5 Pullups or 15 Merkins
10 Modified Sit and Reach (V-Up situps)
5 Standing Broad Jumps
10 Big Boys
Shuttle Run – Sprint ~50 yds

Slowesy back to flag

16 x Burpees for the 8th day of March

25 x LBC’s
10 x Windshield Wipers
15 x Pickle Pointers
Plank 1 min
Side Plank each side 30 seconds
Plank 30 seconds

It was decided that its definitely getting hard to do all the burpees straight.  60 on the last day is going to be rough.  Prayers went out to those sick or having medical issues.  Praying for speedy recovery for all.

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