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The Hill

Preparations for Battle

Weather: 57 degrees  and foggy


  1. Nomad
  2. Beater
  3. Cornwallis
  4. Maize
  5. Beefsteak
  6. Strudel – FNG
  7. State
  8. Groupie
  9. DC
  10. Zamboni
  11. Khaki
  12. PVC
  13. Cosmo
  14. Motorboat
  15. Woodchuck
  16. Headlock
  17. Logger


  • We’re not professionals.
  • We don’t know your fitness level.
  • F3/North View Church isn’t liable.
  • Dangerous ground.
  • Modify.

Warm Up

  • 20 – SSH
  • 10 – Kick w/twist
  • 10 – Weedpickers
  • 20 – Seal Jacks
  • 10 – Windmills


Mosey to the parking lot. We partnered up for Merican Hi-fives. Little did everyone know, we were creating our teams. Those on the Southside of the line are Team Headlock. Those on the Northside of the line are team Nomad.

Mosey towards the pole barn

  • 20 – Mericans (aka Woodchucks)
  • 20 – Kettle Bell Swings
  • 20 – CPR (Curl, Press, triRaise)
  • Uphill Rock Push

Mosey towards the pole Barn

  • Wall sit and hold. Then…
  • Overhead clap
  • Cherry Pickers
  • Moroccan Nightclub

Circle up for 10 more “Woodchucks”

Mosey to picnic tables. We got on opposite sides and then pushed for 2 rounds. Then mosey’d to the bridge for pull

Mosey down the hill on the South side of campus.

  • 10 – Woodchucks
  • 20 – Imperial Squat Walker

Sprint up the hill.

  • 10 – Woodchucks
  • 10 – Deadsquats
  • Sprinters Duel (alternate positions then change partners and repeat)


  • 20 – Crunchy Frog
  • 20 – LBC
  • 20 – Low Dolly
  • 10 – Heal Touches
  • 10 – High Dolly

Recover Recover


Today the lines were drawn and the battle preparations have begun. On May 30th we will have the Battle of Headlock and Nomad. The battle challenges will require Strength, Endurance, and Speed.

The workout we did today has some clues as to what the battle challenges will be. I’ll provide more clues as the month progresses. Its time to up your game if you want to win.

For any PAX that wasn’t there, we’ll add you to a team – I’ve got a plan for that. If you EH (emotional headlock – get someone to show up to F3) anyone they are automatically on your team. If your team has more people, the depth will help in the battle challenges.

Most importantly, we are also sending off Woodchuck for hopefully less than 13 months. We will be thinking of you and look forward to your return. You know we all have your back – if you need us to do anything here we’ve got you covered. Take care!

It was a pleasure! Thank you men.

The Hill

30 for 30

9 PAX posted for 30 exercises for Zamboni’s 30th. Disclaimer was necessary, but short – we had work to do.

  1. SSH
  2. Shoulder Pretzels
  3. Bend and Reach
  4. Mountain Climbers
  5. Air Squats
  6. Weed Pickers
  7. Windmills
  8. Overhead Arm Claps
  9. Alt Lunge Jumps
  10. Merkins
  11. LBC
  12. Jump Knee Tucks
  13. Death Plank (Elbows in line with head)
  14. Crab Walk to Curb
  15. Rocky Balboas
  16. Bear Crawl Inch Worm
  17. Hot Foot
  18. Broad Jumps
  19. Mosey with Variation to hill
  20. Slow Scissors (Slowsors)
  21. Feel the Bern (5 laps facing down)
  22. Apollo Burpees
  23. Crunchy Frog
  24. Duck walk to fishbowl 
  25. Chin ups
  26. Dips
  27. Low Dolly
  28. Motivator
  29. American Hammer
  30. Bay City Scissors 


As I’m getting old and my body is starting to fall apart, I’m glad for groups like F3 to speed up that process. Special thanks to Logger and Cornwallis and PVC for pushing me to sign up for the birthday Q at our last HDHH. Prayers for all PAX who are on IR that they can recover soon & for patience and understanding God’s plan for PAX and family.



The Hill

Brickyard v Zamboni

16 PAX posted for our first ever QvQ.

Warm Up


Weed Pickers




Pair up and grab an item. Go up and down the stairs twice before returning it and grabbing another item.


50 cal amo can with block

50lbs sand

6×6 post

10′ x4″ empty pvc pipe

40 lb softener salt (10 burpees if you break the handles)


tarp pull called chariot race

crab down and back / bear down n back in sand



Spin the Bottle

  1. Merkins
  2. LBCs
  3. Squats
  4. Imperial Walkers
  5. Jump Knee Tucks
  6. Flutter Kicks
  7. Burpees
  8. Plank Jacks
  9. Overhead Claps
  10. Crab Cakes
  11. Lunges
  12. Ski Abs
  13. Frog Hops
  14. Toby Maguires
  15. SSH
  16. Jump Squats



Route 66

At each lightpole, do the number of required burpees (11, then 10, all of the way to 1) before running to the next lightpole

The Motivator (from 15 to 14)


7 Minutes in Heaven (Interval Training with 60 seconds of high intensity followed by 30 seconds of rest)

0 Squat Jumps

1 Rest

1.5 Werkins

2.5 Rest

3 J-Lo

4 Rest

4.5 High Knees

5.5 Rest

6 Mountain Climbers

7 Rest

7.5 Calf Raises

8.5 Rest

9 Flutter Kicks

10 Recover!


We can’t say enough about how excited we were to see 16 PAX. There was a lot of high energy and we all had fun. Including the offline votes, it ended up as a tie, so we will have to figure out some other way of determining a winner. Next up is the battle of the Clydesdales with Wapner v Cosmo.

Until next time!

Brickyard and Zamboni

The Hill

Adlib workout

Left home a little early this morning now I know why halfway to the AO our QIC calls in sick, I pick up the Baton.

Warm up

Abe Vigoda In Cadence 10

High knees In Cadence 20?

Kick with a Twist in Cadence 10

SSH in Cadence 20?

The Thang

Mosey with kettlebells over to parking lot stage weights at one end Mosey to the other end. 1 Pax does merkins while the other pax runs to the other end of the parking lot does 5 curls each arm and back to flip flop total number of merkins 100.

Rinse and repeat with big boys sit ups and flat moles or rose with the kettlebells total number of Big Boy sit ups 100.

Mosey over to the hill to remind the Pax why we call our AO the hill. Burp Back Mountain minus the burpees so each on their own down the hill forward up the hill backwards 5 rotations.

Mosey back to the parking lot for round 3 are squats and rows.

Timed out perfectly to pick up our coupons and head back to the circle for 6 minutes of Mary.


Flutter kicks in Cadence 10

LBC’s In Cadence 10

Finished out with abc’s on your own


So there was a reason I was heading out the door early this morning, too bad I didn’t have my Saturday work out laid out yet. Might have been a smoother transition, but I would say all things considered everyone got their money’s worth. I was very happy to have cold call in from Northeast Tennessee visiting family so we might get another shot at him before he leaves. He reminded us that the last time he posted was middle of the winter so we might not have recognized him. Keep PVC in mind in his job search woodchuck has his final orders and updated us on their deployment logger informed us there will be a new little “branch” coming in November we all celebrated and IM showed up to deliver the gifted tickets for the 11 soccer game and promptly ran over my kettlebell, fortunately he was in the rental car he’s driving but we were glad to have him Circle up in our COT.

The Hill

A Marshall 40

Weather: 44 degrees and clear skies.


  • FNG – Noah – Welcome!
  • Brickyard
  • IM
  • Woodchuck
  • Marshall – Happy Birthday
  • Samsonite
  • Cornwallis
  • Logger


  • We’re not professionals.
  • We don’t know your fitness level.
  • F3/North View Church isn’t liable.
  • Dangerous ground.
  • Modify.


  • 30 – SSH
  • 10 – Deadlift w/fly
  • 10 – Kick w/twist
  • 10 – Abe Vigoda
  • 30 – Up & Out Jacks
  • 10 – Week Pickers



  • 40 – Narrow to wide squat
  • 40 – Bridge
  • 40 – LBC
  • 20 – Mericans


  • Up 40 Down 40 Steps
  • 40 – Dips
  • Up 40 Down 40 Steps
  • 20 – Decline Merican (up one step every 5)


  • Wall Sit (dropped down lower twice
  • 40 – KB Swings


  • 40 – Overhead Clap
  • 40 – Moroccan Night Club
  • 40 – Cherry Pickers


  • 20 – American Hammer
  • 20 – Csit Flutter Kick
  • 20 – LBC
  • 20 – Crunchy Frogs
  • 20 – WWII Situps


40 on a 4 count is a lot, it sounds like a lot and when you do it, it feels like even more. Mubblechatter on the amount of SSH in warmup – but no complaints about being cold so Q thinks it was appropriate. Q had to modify because of voters – he has some negative work in pull ups and rows coming up. Thanks men!

The Hill


Weather: 47 degrees the ground was wet and hardly any rain until the end. A perfect morning.


  • FNG – Captain Obvious
  • PVC
  • Zamboni
  • IM
  • Cornwallis
  • Brickyard
  • Cosmo
  • Woodchuck
  • Swayzee
  • Logger


  • We’re not professionals.
  • We don’t know your fitness level.
  • F3/North View Church isn’t liable.
  • Dangerous ground.
  • Modify.


  • 30 – SSH
  • 10 – Deadlift w/fly
  • 10 – Kick w/twist
  • 10 – Abe Vigoda
  • 30 – Up & Out Jacks
  • 10 – Week Pickers


Mosey to Fishbowl

  • 16 – Pull ups
  • 10 – Side Plank w/ arm raise
  • 20 – Alternating reverse Lunge
  • 10 – Side Plank w/arm raise
  • 20 – Shoulder Pretzel

Mosey to Basketball court

  • Bear Crawl
  • 15 – Mericans
  • 15 – Pike Mericans
  • Bear Crawl

Mosey To Pole Barn

  • 1:30 – Wall Sit
  • 90 degree Crab Walk to Rock Pile
  • 15 – Military press with Rock
  • 24 – Rock Swings

Mosey to Picnic Benches

  • 30 – Dips

Mosey To Circle by Bridge

  • 16 – Plank W/ventral & Lateral Raise
  • 16 – Mountain Climbers
  • 15 – BirdDogs
  • *New one* Plank Circle (we shuffled in plank position around the circle until back in starting spot. This will be seeing a return!


  • 15 – Toe Touch Cross
  • 15 – Crunchy Frog
  • 15 – LBC
  • 15 – Bicycle



Rain was light until the name-a-rama. Time went quick. There was some mubblechatter about too much shoulders – Q thought it was just about perfect. Zamboni tried to show off with a big rock during the military press – he had to downgrade, PAX were moderately impressed. Respects had problems with name-a-rama – Cosmo went “Mark Kramer, Cosmo, 51” and Brickyard said we forgot to do name-a-rama 5 minutes after we just did name-a-rama. I’ve heard exercise is good for alzheimer’s.

The Swamp

1 Year Anniversary Convergence

March 24 2018 at the Swamp

15 pax posted with an honorable mention to f3DC for attempting to post with his 2.0 who would have nothing to do with it. #HIM Hoping Hold’em was just on his usual late start schedule we began on time!

Warm up

SSH ic 20

Bean pickers ic 20

Storm trooper ic 20

Moroccan nightclub ic 20

Shoulder rolls

The Thang

Perfect Merkins ic 20

Russian lunge ic 20

Mosey to the curbs

Mike Tyson ic 20

Rocky curb kickers ic 30

Curb bear crawl ladder 1 round

Stations: in teams

Jump rope,

Ropa wave

Car push, forward and backwards ,

block curls 20 ct,

team log lifts 20ct,

chain squats 20 ct,

kettle bell swing hand offs 20 ct,

Can can ic 8ct 20

Floyd Maryweathers ic 20

Newton cradle ic 20

Lbc’s ic 20

Crab cakes ic 20

Descending merkins from 10
With shuttle run


Gas pumps ic 20


Jefferson’s ic 20

Freddy mercury ic 20



QIC prayed us out and we headed to the 2nd F.

Mole skin

16 men including 2 FNG’s said no to the threat of 6+ inches of snow on the 4th day of spring and yes to getting stronger together! With many of our number with legitimate reason not to post, last minute job expectations illness and injury, 16 said yes. It was great to see our brothers make the trek from #blackcat 45 minutes to our north as well as an “ole” f3indianapolis favorite double respect f3Storman and our youngest that we can’t “hate hate” f3Hold’em fresh back from basic with the Army. 2 FNG’s posted, 1 EH’ed by our own IM and the other found us on FB so a big thank you to our comz Q Zamboni for continuing to keep our name in the Social eye. Woodchuck who has agreed to accept the 2nd F Q headed to the kolache factory to gather grub as the rest, 100% attendance, decended on our usual starbucks and awaitd the controversial kolachies. While waiting, Maestro unvailed the ,F3indianapolis nomad logo cake, we aren’t full region status, YET. Upon arival of the kolachies Cosmo quickly ceased all mumble chatter about sissy food as he enjoyed the rancheros kolache. Many stories were shared and all shared their name and its origin. We read the letter from our beloved f3Fonzie whom was unable to attend and without whom F3indianapolis would not be what it is today. Thank you for all who posted and for all that have been there from the beginning. I have to give a special thank you to my first follower Cosmo and the close second follower Zamboni without either one of which I would have likely given up more than once!

YHC , your Nantan for now.

F3Brickyard #giveitaway

The Hill


8 PAX posted in the Gloom. We had a lot of exercises to get through, so we got right to it.

We are not professionals. We don’t know your fitness level. We are working out on uneven surfaces. F3/Northview are not responsible. Modify. Tell us if you are feeling bad and we’ll get you help.

Warm up
Weed pickers
Arm circles


The Thang
Air Squats
Morroccan Nightclub

Al Gores
Cherry Pickers

Wall sits
Overhead hand claps

Calf raises

Outer calf raises
Monkey humpers
Crab cakes

Inner calf raises
Gorilla Humpers
Pike push-ups


Heel Touches
In the Morning
Bay City Scissors


I have been thinking about this workout for a while now, and once I had it written down I was practically giddy to run the PAX through the ringer. After running through it this morning, I realized that it wasn’t as exciting as some of our workouts, but I’m hoping the PAX will still feel it later today. Prayers for everyone who couldn’t make it.

Thanks for posting!

The Hill


Seven men triumphed over the fartsack and posted at the Hill to “go exploring”.

Warm Up

Grass Pickers
Overhead Arm Claps
Morroccan Night Club
Cherry Pickers

Mosey with variations

2 Burpees
Feel the Bern
R&R with 4, 6, 8, 10


…and because you can’t have explorers without Dora…
Baseball Dora 1-2-3
(Merkins, LBC, Squats)


Noah’s Ark Rising


Flutter Kicks
Low Dolly
Sweat Angels
American Hammer

So it looks like my plan to work out on the visible side of Northview was not part of God’s plan (LOL), but I had a great time exploring different parts of this campus.

As I mentioned in the COT, we are going to start calling every first Saturday of the month FNG Saturday. As you know, FNG‘s are always welcome at F3, but this work out will be specifically designed not to kill any new guys.

Prayers for health for everyone and for a great spring and summer of work.


The Hill

The other side

8 PAX posted to explore “the other side” of Northview Church. Disclaimer was given and we got to it.

Warm up
Motivator from 5
Shoulder Pretzels
Mason Twist (until DC got out of his car)


The Thang
5 Clerkins
5 Clerkins + 10 Werkins
5 Clerkins + 10 Werkins + 15 Merkins

Mosey to hill

Burp back mountain

Lt Dans
Run backwards uphill
Air squats
Run down hill
R&R 5, 10, 15, 20



Crab Dip
Q calls “walk” and “dip”


Gas Pumps
Hi Dolly
Low Dolly
Flutter Kicks
LBCs with holds


Today was a lot of fun. It was funny hearing PAX yell at DC to get out of his car so we could stop doing the Mason Twists. It was also nice getting to a more visible space on the front side of Northview. I will take Woodchuck’s advice and revisit my definition of “fan favorite” before my next Q! Continued prayers for F3 growth and thanks to everyone who posted!


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