First, make sure you are logged into WordPress with writing privileges. You should see a “Write” button at the top right corner of page.

If not, you will need to login first. Go to to get to the login page to login. If you don’t have login credentials, message Khaki on Slack to get you set up.

Once you click the “Write” button, you should be able start on your Backblast. Add a title and start writing.

Here is a guide from F3Nation about what should be included in your Backblast:

1. A Title for that Day’s Workout

2. Date of the Workout

3. The location/AO

4. Who attended/the PAX

5. The leader/Q

6. A rundown of what was done, aka “The Thang”

7. Some level of the Q’s own mumblechatter and observations, aka “Spreadsheets from the Gloom”

Be sure to tag everyone who was at the workout (see the tagging document also on this site). Also, be sure to select a “category” for your backblast. These categories are either “The Hill”, “Blackcat” or “Grizzly”

Next, look at the right side of the page. Make sure you are in Document mode (not Block mode) and click the Publish… Button, then click the Publish button again to publish your Backblast to the site immediately.

One tip, it’s always nice to have a different image than the standard one to make each Backblast stand out. You can upload any image through WordPress by using the Add Image icon. You can make this image your “featured image” as well which you can find on the right hand side in the “Document” section.

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